Monday, February 10, 2020

The Elderly and Medications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Elderly and Medications - Essay Example This support system, which provides a soothing effect apart from partially or completely curing the element, is given by medicines. Medicinal curing is affected when correctly prescribed (by a doctor or pharmacist) and followed. However these medicines may adversely affect some other functions of body more so in case of old age people. So it is mediatory for aging old people to undergo medicines under strict supervision of their doctor or pharmacist (Marshall, Helen 2007). Commonly occurred disease among old age persons are Coronary heart disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Strokes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis. There are other diseases not the result of aging, but have a higher incidence in older adults like Cardiovascular, Dementia, Depression, Diabetes, falls and Injuries, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Hearing impairment, Memory, Nutrition, Parkinson's disease, Respiratory Disease, Pressure ulcers, Sleep problems, Thyroid Disease, Urinary Disorders, Visual impairment and many more. All these follow different medication, life span after detection and occurrence in old age groups (Connecticut United for Research Excellence). Generally prescribed medication for elderly people includes Sleeping Tablets, Anti-depressants, Tablets for B.P, Anti-Parkinson's Medicine, Pain Killers, Anti-biotics, Steroids, Water tablets etc (Bhimsingh, Suresh 2003). Some of the side effects occurred from these medicines are Confusion, falls due to unsteadiness, loss of bladder and bowel control, Confusion, drop in B.P, dry mouth, depression, impotence, Nausea, poor appetite, acidity, gastro-intestinal bleed, ringing in the ears, constipation, Diarrhoea, Skin rash, Alteration of body salt balance and like wise (Bhimsingh, Suresh 2003). Elderly people are more prone to side effects because of multiple reasons summarized as under. Multiple medications may lead to interaction between medicines giving back the side effects. Inefficient liver/kidneys to breakdown and excreting medicines causing them to remain for longer duration in system. Sensitive nervous system Physical deterioration ( Marshall, Helen 2007) Case study The subject of case study (name- DJ, age-73, living in nursing home) is suffering from high Cholesterol and Mild Hypertension, Along with Weak muscle tone, impaired vision and lack of strength. The disease, mobility and Sensory Deficits are common occurrence among old age people. List of drugs the she is taking with drug schedule is given below. Type of tablets Name of Medicine Reason for medicine Schedule Prescription Drugs Lipitor a cholesterol lowering pill After morning meal Prescription Drugs TriCon lowers fats from the blood After morning meal Prescription Drugs Klor-Con a potassium supplement After morning meal Prescription Drugs Chlorthalidone diuretic to reduce blood pressure At night Over The Counter Drugs Excedrin Extra Strength minor aches and pains regularly Over The Counter Drugs Vicks Vapor Rub minor aches and pains regularly Over The Counter Drugs Airborne cold/flu prevention regularly Over The Counter Drugs Centrum multivitamin daily The prescribed drugs taken by subject can be broadly divided into three categories, namely tablets for B/P. cholesterol lowering pills and pain killers. Major side effects caused due to these

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