Sunday, November 24, 2019

Falling by Anne Povoost essays

Falling by Anne Povoost essays My feet are tangled up in something, but I dont know what Lucas complains. By the end of the novel do you think he knows? In the novel Falling by Anne Povoost Lucas Beigne, the grandson of a Felix who helped the nazis in the war, gets caught up in the neo-nazism that has struck his small town of Montourin in Belgium. These neo-nazis headed by the persuasive and cunning Benoit persuade Lucas into their beliefs and before he knows it he became entrapped deeper and deeper throughout the novel. His naive mind blinds him from this and it is not until towards the end of the novel that he begins to relise exactly what his feet have become tangled in. It all started when Lucas decided to go out and purchase a gun, the start of his immature plight that lead to him to being tangled up in all sorts of trouble. Enter Benoit, a wealthy son with a quick mouth and an opinion on everything followed with praise. For the young Lucas he was a dream come true to fill his boring holidays and the complements like such a sense of responsibility went straight to Lucas head. Benoit certainly had a talent for persuading weaker people and Lucas in particular because of his grandfather was a prime target for Benoit who knew exactly how to exploit his naivety and use him to keep himself out of trouble. As Lucas continued seeing Benoit more throughout his holidays and his presence and his very engaging opinions drew Lucas closer towards neo-nazism, his feet became tangled further. The whole time at the back of Lucas mind he always new what Benoit was up to was wrong and although he questioned it dont you think violence is going too far he never strayed or left Benoits side until it was too late. Lucas was too feeble to make a decision himself, and the more he stayed in Benoits company the more Benoit made him do so that he was so far in he couldnt get out, but he managed ...

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